Values of the OptInsight technology

OptInsight’s technical solutions enable organizations to be transparent through our ‘Single Point of Truth’ for data privacy purposes and customer data insights. Our technology is able to collect individual data from multiple channels (online and offline) and communicates with other systems in your organization where data is captured. In a way that internal users of the data always know for what purposes the data may be used and to create commercial impact.

Single Point of Truth

Accountability & Customer Insights


Connecting multiple systems where customer data is processed and communication channels where customer preferences are collected to our hub, leads to a central view on the customer. Dashboards support companies in their commercial decision process.


The OptInsight customer data privacy-ledger captures data processing activities on individual customer level. With our technology, you are able to show transparency to your customers and prove accountability in accordance with privacy legislation.


With the central view on the customer, organizations are enabled to share relevant messages with the OptInsight content library or with external connected software, based on their preferences and with their consent. Your commercial effectiveness will be improved.

OptInsight Pipedrive GDPR Plugin

  • Special offer for Pipedrive users.
  • Use Pipedrive as a Single Point of Truth for customer data.
  • Acquire consent, collect personal preferences and privacy evidence.
  • Improve the quality of the contact details to enable data insights.

The OptInsight Pipedrive plugin is now available in the Pipedrive Marketplace. Please contact us for an offering.

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