Data Strategy & Privacy

We believe that data strategy & privacy obligations go hand in hand. This will lead to a good reputation and more customer relevance

Processing & Accountability

Purpose of OptInsight technology is offering a single point of truth for both customer data and privacy accountability. Platform independent, Omnichannel,  easy to use, serving multiple stakeholders in data & privacy

Privacy by design

Your organisation is able to collect, store and use customer data conform legal obligations of privacy legislation. This will reduce reputation risk and improve commercial effectiveness.

Values of the OptInsight technology

Single Point of Truth

Single Point of Truth (SPOT) for Accountability & Customer Insights


Connecting multiple systems with customer data, proven within the boundaries of privacy legislation, leads to a central view on the customer. Business Intelligence reports support companies in their commercial decision process.


The OptInsight privacy-ledger registers data processing activities on customer level. With our technology, your are able to show transparency to your customers and prove accountability in accordance with privacy legislation.


With the central view on the customer, organisation are enabled to share relevant messages with the OptInsight content library or with external software, based on their preferences and with their consent. 

OptInsight technology consist of the following 4 building blocks

Privacy ledger

Privacy administration on individual level where personal data is connected to the 6 obligatory grounds for lawful processing under GDPR. Public task, Vital interest, legitimate interest, consent, contract, legal obligation. An extensive audittrail ensures the obligatory transparancy;

Data layer

The data layer ensures that all relevant data is recorded on individual level. Depending on your data strategy data such as managing on personal preferences, marketing back office data can be recorded. The privacy ledger ensures that the data is collected & stored according legal obligations.

Single view customer

This building block ensures that your company has one single view on relevant customer data & obligatory accountability. If necessary OptInsight can be connected (API) with existing systems your company and the channels customers use to process personal data.

Relevant interaction

Interaction with prospects and customers requires business and privacy rules. GDPR requires a lawful ground for processing. Business wise personal preferences are the ground to interact relevantly.  OptInsight enables connecting relevantly & GDPR accountable.

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