Use Pipedrive as a Single Point of Truth for customer data

Acquire consent, personal preferences and evidence

Improve the quality of the contact details to enable data insights

Privacy by design, GDPR proof

Central personal data processing control

Do you want to control personal data processing centrally, collect consent & preferences, influence sales conversion and build a great reputation? By connecting Pipedrive with OptInsight you can gain & manage consent, collect personal preferences as well as manage relevant content according GDPR accountability obligations.

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OptInsight Pipedrive plugin

The OptInsight consent manager is a unique plugin that provide Pipedrive users convenience in communication with customers and prospects under the obligatory privacy legislation. Privacy legislation requires organisations to justify the processing of personal data.

Consent & other GDPR justifications

Consent is often the required legal ground to communicate digitally with contacts.  With OptInsight, in each contact in Pipedrive the consent type (opt-in, opt-out, soft opt-in) is visible as well as the consent date, legal basis (all 6) and the personal preferences of the individual. The contacts are automatically synced with the OptInsight consent manager so consent status and contact preferences are always up to date.

GDPR accountability

Gaining consent in sales meetings? With OptInsight the Pipedrive app is now configured with the 6 legal grounds & preferences. Is there a contract after making a deal? Consent status will automatically change into “contract”.

By using the OptInsight App your organisation gets access to the audit-trail. If regulators ask for evidence of justification, your organisation enjoys the convenience of having one central privacy ledger for registering the legal grounds and contact data.

Availability & pricing

The OptInsight Pipedrive plugin is now available in the Pipedrive Marketplace please contact us for an price offer.

Benefits of the plugin:

Central data processing & justification in Pipedrive

Easy functionality for acquiring consent

GDPR accountability for your Pipedrive contacts

OptInsight in the Pipedrive Marketplace

Please buy the OptInsight app in the Pipedrive Marketplace

Installation OptInsight

Please find the OptInsight Pipedrive installation instruction via this link: installation tutorial


For OptInsight Pipedrive users, please email us, if you require support.

Terms & Conditions

OptInsight’s Terms & Conditions are applicable on all OptInsight products and services.



OptInsight supports with evidencing for personal data processing with consent which is a GDPR obligation. OptInsight helps with processing contact data in Pipedrive in a GDPR compliant manner. We do not guarantee GDPR compliance.

GDPR Compliance

OptInsight and it’s partners can support you with advise and tools on becoming GDPR compliant. This includes support with documentation as Privacy Statement, Data Processing Agreements and a Procedure Data Leaks. Please contact us for more information.


Enable your data strategy, privacy by design

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