We enable your customer data strategy with our 7 P approach. Starting with finding the sweetspots.

Valuable collecting and use of customer data isn’t only about technology. It starts with having a thorough understanding of the needs of your target group and knowing your company’s capabilities as well. The clue in perfect use of customer data in commerce is finding the Sweetspot. Sweetspots arise when your company’s capabilities can fulfill a need of the targetgroup. Therefore you have to know what the need is and the willingness to share data.

Our Guidance Program is based on 7 building blocks for successful collecting and use of customer data:

  • Person: Why should persons be willing to share data with your company. “Bring and take principles”.
  • Proposition: What capabilities do you offer and what are the needs of your targetgroup. “Defining sweetspots”.
  • Purpose: What are the specific areas for growth where excellent customer data is needed.”Purpose of using data”.
  • People: What data and capabilities do employees & leadership need to have relevant & trusted interaction with the target group. “Way of working & common sense”.
  • Processes: How has data to be processed from outside into the organisation to take the right & relevant actions to the target group. “Orchestrating of data enterprise wide”.
  • Privacy by design & default: Which rules are applicable to your organisation for processing customer data for commercial purposes. “Comply and daily practice”.
  • Point of truth: What technology, channels and applications have to be connected to orchestrate customer data centrally. In a way it is transparent and ready for the right action to your target group. “Control and utilization of data”.

Why choose OptInsight?

  • Capability to orchestrate customer data & privacy by design into a single point of truth
  • Capability to create an opportunity & usp of customer data and GDPR for your company
  • Data cleansing, AI and web scraping solutions to enrich and improve data
  • Excellent expertise commercial processes, data & data privacy by design
  • Entrepreneur mindset
  • People & result oriented

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