We are OptInsight. The technology and consulting company for customer data and privacy.


Our belief is that the future of data is about Commercial value, Personal relevance and respect for individual Privacy.

Not about having huge amounts of data or mass email interaction not knowing what individuals really want.

Our mission is to guide and to connect commercial & privacy departments and customers in utilizing the value & relevance of data. We connect & guide by using our state of the art technology supported with consultancy to orchestrate data collection and processing.

“How do you know the needs of your target group?”

“How does your company ensure it processes personal data relevantly and with care?”


Values of OptInsight



Single Point of Truth.

In control of customer data

OptInsight’s flexible technology solution connects customer data from multiple systems and communication channels into a single point of truth.

Our customers enjoy the convenience having commercial & regulatory control at one single place instead of having data “everywhere” in the organisation.

High data quality.

Utilize the value of customer data

OptInsight enables companies to create an outstanding customer experience. Our cleansing algorithms help improve the dataquality from multiple systems.

You can easy connect communication channels (on- offline) to collect data based on personal preferences and with appropriate privacy sealing.

This helps companies towards Business Intelligence & Analytics.

Commercial Impact.

Give customers what they want

Our customers experience significant improvements. Examples:

> 50% reduction duplicated data;

Double digit growth unused customer records into valuable records;

Insights in individual preferences sealed with a proven opt-in;

Ability to communicate relevantly.

Our offerings to make your company unbeatable with data.

Training: Commercial driven data & Privacy Awareness

OptInsight helps organizations with enabling their data strategy, within the boundaries of the privacy legislation. Privacy by design.

We offer several training programs for helping organisations to create Data & Privacy Awareness, how to be transparant with data and create relevant & valuable interaction with business relations.

Consulting: Data Strategy & Privacy

Our Data strategy & Privacy programs combined with our technical solution helps organizations in enabling their data strategy by being transparant in the purposes of using data.

OptInsight’s five step Data Strategy & Privacy Programme helps organisations to enable their data strategy and to create proven transparency in customer data.

Technology: Relevant & Careful use of data

OptInsight technical solution enables organizations to be transparant with our Single Point of Truth for data privacy purposes and customer insights.  Our technology is able to collect individual data from multiple channels (on- and offline) and communicates with other sources in your organisation where data is captured. In a way that internal users of the data always know for what purposes the data may be used or not.

Why choose OptInsight?

We connect & guide: Data & privacy demand a lot of organisations. It is a multidisciplinary game. With our commercial & privacy expertise and connecting skills we are able to guide you to the direction you want to go.

We solve: Hurdles & challenges can occur in data & privacy ambitions. Advise can’t be enough. Therefore we also offer technical solutions to accelerate your ambitions.

We are committed: OptInsight is a company with an entrepreneur mindset. “Doing with using brains” and we are focused to realize your organisation goals.

We are built on strong assets: The team consists of people with several years of experience in data, commerce, compliance and technology. Our solution & consultancy is already used in Business services, Pharma and Financial Services.

Does your company want to be unbeatable with data?

Yes, we want to utilize the value of customer data based on relevance & transparence.

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Yes, we want to have a Single Point of Truth for Customer data & privacy accountability.

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Yes, We want to control data & give customers and prospects what they really want.

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