OptInsight is a technology & consultancy company

With our software solution we help organizations centralizing customer data by connecting multiple systems to a single point of truth.

We help with improving the data quality of customer data and create a single view on your customer.

By helping organizations to acquire consent and personal preferences of their customers, we help companies with becoming GDPR compliant and with more relevant interaction with their customers.

Single Point of Truth

OptInsight’s flexible software solution connects customer data from multiple systems and communication channels into a single point of truth.

The layers of our solution:
Customer data & privacy ledger
Omni-channel data management
Compliance accountability
Single Point of Truth Customer data

Utilize Customer Data Value

OptInsight helps companies with creating an outstanding customer experience. With our advanced data cleansing algorithms, we help improving the data quality from multiple systems. This helps companies towards Business Intelligence & Analytics, utilizing the value of customer data.

By acquiring and managing the consent and personal preferences of customers, we help organizations with becoming compliant with GDPR and with relevant communication towards their customers.

OptInsight realized benefits

Our customers experience significant improvements in data quality and data compliance. Some of the results:

50% improvement in data quality
Double digit growth in GDPR-proof customer records
Decline in cost of data management
Valuable customer preference analytics

Utilize the value of your customer data

Data Strategy & Privacy

Our Data & Privacy awareness programs combined with our technical solution helps organizations in enabling their data strategy by being transparant in the purposes of using data.

OptInsight’s five step Data Strategy & Privacy Programme helps organisations to enable their data strategy and to create proven transparency.

Technology for transparency

According to GDPR, organizations are obligated to be transparant to people which data they process and for what purposes.

OptInsight technical solution enables organizations to be transparant with our Single Point of Truth for data privacy purposes and customer insights. By connecting communication channels and sources where customer data is captured.

Data & Privacy Awareness

OptInsight helps organizations with enabling their data strategy, within the boundaries of the privacy legislation. Privacy by design.

We offer several training programs for helping organisations to create Data & Privacy Awareness, how to be transparant with data and create relevant & valuable interaction with business relations.

Why choose OptInsight?

We help companies to enable their data strategy within the boundaries of privacy regulations.

The OptInsight experts support in creating awareness for your key employees about data processing and accountability. Our proven technology creates a Single Point of Truth for customer data processing as well as for accountability.

According to GDPR your company is obliged to prove accountabiliy for processing personal data. By connecting various system in which customer data is processed through one Single Point of Truth, you will realise a centralized view on the customer through customer insights and a central point to prove accountability for data processing.

What we do for you

Our proven technology brings together the worlds of commerce and GDPR regulation for your company. This results in better managed customer relations by balancing effort, customer relevance and compliance management .

Your Company:

  • Increases the opt-in ratio, which contributes to better customer relationships and increased sales;
  • Can prove how your company has obtained and retained permission (obligation by law). This offers your company security and provides trust for your customers;
  • Reduces the costs of GDPR compliance and supports relevant marketing and sales by 1 central solution.

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