OptInsight makes organizing customer data and privacy accountability easy and seamless.

For a good reputation and trusted relationships.


  Our services

Customer data & consent hub

Single point of truth data & consent.

Our customer data & consent management software enables business leaders to improve commercial & business effectiveness by collecting data by asking personal preferences within the boundaries of the GDPR.

Our software for business leaders

Data & privacy strategy program

Careful and relevant use of customer data.

OptInsight’s Guidance Program (7 P’s) helps organizations to enable their data strategy to create more customer value with transparent and excellent customer data. The result is a future proof data & privacy direction.

Our program for business leaders

Training opportunities of privacy

Utilization of customer data under GDPR.

OptInsight makes your business aware of the opportunities of customer data and embracing the GDPR.  Privacy by design helps building trusted relationships. Our approach is based on both privacy and business goals.

Our training for business leaders

Our 6 promises

  • Growing relevance for your targetgroup based on listening instead of pushing.
  • Opt-in ratios between 40% and 90% and great insights.
  • Central, lawful, transparent & secure processing of data according GDPR. For a good reputation.
  • Single point of truth customer data & GDPR accountability. Systems independent.
  • Capability to collect & process customer data & needs omni-channel.
  • Capability to give customers & prospects what they really want.

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